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Welcome to Petawawa Civic Centre Days 2014

Festival Bracelets $5.00 (children 6 and under are free)

Since 1981 the Petawawa community has been organizing exceptional recreational and social programming for the good of the area.

Petawawa Civic Centre Days is an annual event scheduled for 4 days starting the second weekend of June.

Who We Are
The Petawawa Civic Centre Days Committee is a sub-committee of the Petawawa Civic Centre Fund Raising Committee.

Vision Statement
We envision a community with a strong emphasis on family and community spirit where individuals are fit, productive and happy.

Mission Statement
To stage a high profile summer community festival for the Petawawa area based on recreation activities.

Volunteers Needed
The Petawawa Civic Centre Fund Raising Committee is a group of dedicated volunteers committed to raising funds to finance improvements at the Petawawa Civic Centre.

This group generates revenue through the operation of bars at wedding receptions and special functions held at the Petawawa Civic Centre. All of our bartenders are trained and Smart-Serve certified. The Fund Raising Team is always looking for dedicated volunteers.